Kick off 2021 In a Mastermind!
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Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the Month

amazon FBA

with Ryan
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B2b trade

with fernanda
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drop ship

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china marketing

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Kick off 2021 In a Mastermind!

We are ready to rock 2021! We are forming mastermind groups of 5 - 6 high level business owners per "online table" to help businesses in the community grow and support each other.

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On Dec 15, 2020 at 7pm, we are kicking off mastermind tables for the new year, 4 tables forming for the mastermind, so excited to have amazing people in the community lead some amazing tables. If you want join in (GFAVIP member only):

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Lead a Table

Don’t see a topic or a table you’d want to join? Start and lead your own mastermind table with us! Pick a topic and apply today. Have a topic you’d like to host such as drop ship, Shopify, Tiktok, or other topics? We’d love to make more mastermind tables and have you as a table leader

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Each first and third Tuesday of the month, we have online masterminds happening. Currently at 7pm HK time, but more timezones / slots forming.

What Is a GFAVIP Mastermind?

One of the popular parts of GFAVIP membership is access to our online and offline masterminds.

There are many different styles of masterminds in the world today - we define it as a small and closed group of people sharing their business - with one person in a group on what is called the “hot seat” and others listening and giving ideas and suggestions.

We have these on WeChat, Zoom, and in person at private events and retreats.

To find out more, please speak to our GFAVIP community manager.